Basic Cources of Computer Science

Basis for computer principles and system.

Catagory Course Notes
Null MIT 6.NULL: The Missing Semester of Your CS Education
Computation Structure MIT 6.004: Computation Structures
Operating System MIT 6.S081: Operating System Engineering
Parallel Computing Stanford CS 149: Parallel Computing
Computer Network Stanford CS 144: Introduction to Computer Networking
Database System MIT 6.830/6.814: Database Systems(Java) Lab Notes
CMU 15-445/645: Database Systems(C++)

Advanced Cources for System Development

Advanced courses related to system development.

Catagory Course Notes
Distributed System MIT 6.824: Distributed Systems

Database Development Learning Map

These are for how to develop a database but not for how to use a database.

  1. CMU 15-445/645 OR MIT 6.830/6.814

    • Lectures and readings cover all topics in the database, such as index, query algorithms, query optimization, transaction and distributed database.
    • Labs focus on the realization of core modules of relational database.

  1. MIT 6.824

    The basic theory of distributed systems. An indispensable step towards a distributed database.

  1. TinyKV

    Implement a distributed KV storage, inspired by MIT 6.824.

  1. TinySQL

    Realize a SQL layer compatible with the MySQL protocol and work with TinyKV to form a complete distributed relational database.


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